fLipSpot Competitive Club
The fLipSpot Competitive Club (FCC) is a parent operated group supporting the competitive teams at fLipSpot Gym. The goal of the FCC is to strengthen the organization, coordinate team support at each level, promote team spirit and enhance fundraising capabilities.

The fLipSpot Competitive Club (FCC) is a non-profit 501c3 organization that was formed for the purpose of providing charitable support for the amateur competitive athletes that compete at fLipSpot Gymnastics and Cheer. Through the FCC’s commitment fees, dues and fundraising events, the FCC is able to pay for high-quality competitive gymnastics and cheer events/meets for all of its competitive members.

FCC kickoff meetings dates:

9/7 10am - New members

9/8 Noon - Returning members

9/9 7pm - New and Returning members

NOTE: The FCC is a separate and distinct entity from fLipSpot Gymnastics and Cheer. The FCC financially supports our athletes with the expenses outside of the gym (i.e. covering the entry fees and coaching expenses associated with going to a meet). The FCC is not involved with any coaching and expenses that occur in the gym (i.e. your monthly tuition).
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