Over the past few years our club has grown immensely, in order to run the club effectively we are revamping our fundraising program to help accommodate the number of members. One major change is we will be hosting a large meet this year, which will include Boys, Girls and Tumbling Trampoline teams. We hope to keep this meet going in the years to come. We will need a lot of help for this event which will be reflected in the new point system as follows.

4 points during the regular season or opt-out check for $325
6 points required for the meet (mandatory, no opt-out)

"iDefy" Shirts: September thru October
Selling sponsorships for our iDefy shirts. The sponsorship cost $175. For every sponsor you secure you receive 2 points.
iDefy Shirts

Football squares: November/February
Selling football squares for Thanksgiving game and Superbowl. Each square costs $10. You will receive 1 point for every 5 squares sold.

Friday night flipOut: November 18th 7:45-9:30pm
Bring a friend and earn 1 point, each additional 2 friends is 1 point.

Judge’s Invitational: November 20th (Time TBD)
Various point opportunities, more info to follow

Butter Braids: December
More info to follow

Hunger Howies: January
More info to follow

Kroger: Ongoing
No points reward
Kroger Community Rewards Flier

Scripts: Ongoing
You receive different $ amounts based on gift card purchases.
Scrip Instructions

Save-A-Heart: February 17th-19th
Many opportunities for points, more info to follow.

Amazon Smile: Ongoing
Amazon Smile Directions